Custom Furniture

The Design Process: Initial discussions with client – this may involve phone calls, emails or direct conversation. From here most details of the design are born. For us, as the designers, it usually gives us the opportunity to ask questions which will affect the piece of furniture in any way. An example of some of these would be:
  • the type of wood
  • the type of finish
  • the color of the finish
  • the effect people are wanting to achieve with the presentation of this piece.
  • the intended use of the piece

Veneered in Redwood Burl and Curly Maple

Initial visit – usually in the home of the client. At this point we can often provide a few initial sketches of our ideas. Discussion becomes more involved about the piece. Our job is really to guide the customers to their final decision -  keeping in mind the strength, quality and aesthetics. Formal drawings. Scale drawings of your piece as well as a 3D view so that the client understands what they are ordering. Second visit – again usually in the home of the client but sometimes at our shop and showroom. At this point the drawings are discussed and often amended as changes are proposed and discussed. An estimated amount for the completion of the job is then discussed and if an agreement has been reached a deposit is collected – usually 50% of the total cost.

Lacewood Veneer Top with a Cherry Base

Construction of the piece. This involves a unique process in that when laying out the wood for the piece – we individually pick out each piece so that the grain forms an aesthetically pleasing form. Delivery of the piece. At this time the balance of the money is collected. It is often the case that pieces are shipped as delivery just isn’t feasible across the continent. In a situation like this the money is paid before delivery takes place. Here are some of the many advantages to you in dealing with a custom furniture maker.
  • The opportunity to choose what ever kind of wood you would like, including many exotic woods such as Rosewood, Teak, Bubinga, Padauk and different Mahoganies.
  • The ability to have a design done that will serve the exact function that you want it to, in any combination that you choose.
  • The opportunity to choose to have exposed, decorative joinery visible and possibly even a highlight of your piece of furniture.
  • The ability to choose the exact type of finish that you would like. We believe in and specialize in hand-rubbed oil finishes but are willing and able to do any type of finish that you want.
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