This is me turning a bowl at the Demo in Orange County

Workshops and Educational Classes are currently being offered on many woodturning and cabinetmaking topics: Woodturning
    • Basic turning techniques
    • Safe use and care of the lathe
    • Basic bowl turning
    • Spindle turning made easy
    • Off-center turning
    • Turning Thin
    • Piercing and Texturing of turned pieces
    • I now have 7 portable lathes that can be used during these workshops and\or demonstrations
    •  I will bring my own lathe, tools and materials for all demonstrations if necessary.

Some of the boys from Orange County

  • Hand cut dovetails
  • Machine cut dovetails
  • Mortise and Tenon joints with machines
  • Steam bending
  • Working with solid wood – implications of
  • Vacuum Press veneering
  • As host you may be required to have basic tools that are in good working condition.
Other topics are also possible; please contact me for more information. Workshops can be run on a 1\2 day, full day or multiple day basis. I also run workshops for up to two-weeks in length. The workshops can be for teachers only, for teachers and students or for students only. Classes can be held in a local school shop, your local turning club shop or at my home shop south east of Claresholm, AB. Other options also may work but please phone with the details.

More of the boys from Orange County

  • 1\2 day workshop - $325
  • 1 day workshop - $500
  • Multiple day workshops - $500\day
  • Materials for hands-on workshops are extra or can be supplied by the host.
Traveling expenses, such as mileage, meals and accommodation (if necessary) may be added depending on the situation.     List of Credits
  • Member of the American Association of Woodturners
  • Member of the Calgary Woodturners Guild
  • Past President of the Chinook Woodturners Guild (Lethbridge, AB)
  • Member of The Furniture Society of America
  • I am a journeyman cabinetmaker with 30 years of experience
  • I have been actively turning wood for 17 years
  • Taught Junior High for 7 years
  • Taught High School Construction Technology for 22 years
  • I was a member of the initial CTS Review committee for 3 years
  • I was a member of the recent CTS Review committee for 1 1\2 years
  • My wife Eileen and I have run our own woodworking business for 30 years
  • I have been involved in the Alberta Foundation For The Arts Program called "Artists In Education" a number of times.
  • We have pieces in the personal collections of several members of the Alberta Legislature, including the Premier, Mrs Allison Redford.
  • We have had 3 pieces selected for the Southern Alberta Woodworkers Society 2011 Exhibition in Sept. and Oct. of 2011 (South Center Mall, Calgary, Alberta.
I am very used to doing demonstrations for classes of students and have done numerous demonstrations at Professional Development Days. I have also presented (both demonstrations and hands-on workshops) at 16 Teachers Conventions in Alberta over the last three years. I also just returned from Orange County, California where I taught two,  two-day workshops and did a one day demo. It was a wonderful experience for me. I am very motivated to provide you with the best possible workshop. Please call 1-888-697-6441 to discuss possible topics and dates. On our blog is a great testimonial from the Orange County Woodturners and more recently from the Superior Association of Woodworkers (SAW) in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Please take the time to read these if you are interested in talking to me about a proposed workshop. 

At Crowsnest Consolidated High School - Coleman, Alberta

More from Crowsnest Consolidated

The top  three pictures are all taken from my trip to Orange County California.  The bottom two pictures are from a week long workshop taught at Crowsnest Consolidated High School in Coleman, Alberta. This workshop was put on with the help of the Alberta Foundation For the Arts and its program Artists In Education. I just love teaching these workshops - to all ages and in all situations.  

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